Mind reading with eye tracking ... for less than £100!

Dr Sylvain Sirois.

This talk introduced the techniques of eye tracking and pupillometry as research tools for cognitive science. An overview of the history of the methods, with some illustrative research findings, helped set the stage for the more technical aspects of the presentation. The presentation then introduced general methodological and practical aspects of pupillometry. This included pointers to low-cost, DIY eye tracking solutions and open source software for labs on a limited budget. Such a home-made device will be presented.

Data manipulation, visualization, and analysis was then be covered, illustrating common/current methods, and limits/challenges thereof. Finally, a mock experiment was carried out with the audience to illustrate pupillometry from data collection to analysis, with the aim of fostering insight into what the method can do for research and researchers.

The DIY eye tracker used GazeTracker as a data acquisition source and Open Gaze and Mouse Analyzer (OGAMA) as as a user interface for recording and analysis. OGAMA seemlessly runs GazeTracker.

PDF slides

Download PDF slides of the presentation 'Mind reading for £40!'