Seminars and Workshops

Methods@Manchester hosts a variety of talks, seminars and workshops. Our Methods Masterclasses are a series of workshops which offer in-depth training in particular research methods, or discussion around cutting-edge issues related to research methods. We also partner with Methods North West to offer a range of online seminars - these run in a regular slot on Thursdays 2-3pm.

Upcoming Events 2023-4

Considering Collaboration: Lessons from the ‘Pathways to Work for Muslim Women’ project

With Dr Asma Khan (Cardiff University)

Thursday, 13 June 2024, 2-3pm

This online Methods North West seminar explores the presenter’s experiences of working collaboratively with third-sector organisations to create impact from academic research projects. The Seminar will focus on a project featuring a co-designed workshop programme to encourage and motivate Muslim women who want to join, or re-join, the labour market. It includes reflections on the benefits and challenges of co-production - in particular collaborative impact and engagement activities with third-sector organisations.

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Previous Methods Masterclasses 23-24

The ‘researched’ as bearers of knowledge: breaking the barriers of colonial practices in ethnography

With Leah Koumentaki (Keele University)

Thursday, 18th April, 2-4pm

This online Methods North West seminar aims to illustrate how the cultural temperament of the locals and the cultural norms within the research area positively affect the shaping of data collection methods and research approaches. It is concluded that in a local cultural context such as Mountain Crete, ‘living ethnography’ instead of simply ‘doing ethnography’ was a culturally appropriate approach for conducting ethical research and collecting raw evidence for understanding the local population and the reasons why they prefer their customary systems to justice with how they employ a restorative way of correcting a wrong.

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A single scene: Using smartphone cameras in ethnographic research

With Dr Angela Torresan

Thursday, 15 February 2024 2-5pm

This masterclass is being run in collaboration with the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology and EASA Visual Anthropology Network and features

Empowering change: Harnessing qualitative data for impactful project evaluation for impactful charitable work

With Dr Amir Raki, Dr Ilma Chowdhury and Prof Judy Zolkiewski

Friday 2, February 2024 2-4pm

This masterclass is being run in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Third Sector Research Network

Co-producing urban research: Sharing methods and experiences

A collaboration between the Manchester Urban Institute and the Global Development Institute

Panel discussion:

  • Diana Mitlin (Chair), Global Development Institute, University of Manchester
  • Victoria Beard, Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities
  • Tine Buffel, Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group, University of Manchester
  • James Evans, Manchester Urban Institute, University of Manchester
  • Shuaib Lwasa, International Institute for Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Wednesday, 6 December 2023 1.30-2.30pm

Oral histories and futures

With Dr Liz Ackerley, Dr Santiago Levya del Rio & Dr Laura Fenton

This masterclass is being run in collaboration with The Morgan Centre

Tuesday, 12 December 2023 2-4pm