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Methods Fair 2018

Methods@Manchester is delighted to announce their annual Methods Fair 'Social Science Research in the Digital Age' will be held on 29 October 2018 at The University of Manchester.

The digital revolution has changed the way we live; our lives are as likely to be lived online as they are offline. New technology and digital infrastructures are rapidly developing. This has created novel and exciting ways of knowing about human behaviours and communities for social science researchers and is reshaping how knowledge is produced. Consequently, new forms of data have emerged including big, open and real-time data, from a diverse range of sources, such as, the Internet of Things, social media, governments, large corporations and small organisations.

Researchers are responding to these new forms of data and technological developments applying traditional and cutting-edge methodologies and tools, including social network and spatial analysis, computer science and visualisation, and digital ethnographies, to analyse them, as well as digitising heritage materials. Whilst the digital world is stimulating social science research, it also brings social, political and ethical challenges. At our annual Methods Fair we will be showcasing the varied ways social scientists are researching and responding to the challenges of living in and researching the digital world.