Linked data

Paul Murphy, ESDS International/MIMAS

There is a huge amount of data valuable to research published on the web. However, there is an ever increasing volume of this data and it is usually contained in PDFs, spreadsheets or other discrete documents, disconnected from the people, places and things they describe. This can make finding, accessing and using these data a difficult and time-consuming process.

This presentation will introduce Linked Data, a method of using web technologies to structure and publish data so that it can be interlinked.

We will discuss how Linked Data can be used in research to make finding, using and connecting data easier. We will look at some of the currently available sources of Linked Data. Finally, we will take a brief, non-technical, look at the technologies that are used to publish Linked Data and at the tools we can use to explore the web of Linked Data.

PDF slides

Download PDF slides of the presentation 'What is linked data?'