e-Labs: Online social and health data, methods and investigators

Georgina Moulton, Northwest Institute for BioHealth Informatics and NWeHealth.

An e-Lab is a secure, online environment that brings together data, research methods, analytical tools, references and people at the point of investigation or decision making.

Currently, the full potential of scientific work and findings is not being realised as many communities do not have an easy platform to find and share resources on demand. These divisions often occur between both disciplines and working environments. The e-Lab infrastructure aims to blur these boundaries and provide a ‘playground’ for communities to carry out and enhance their work through the sharing of knowledge and expertise with others.

Key projects

NWeHealth e-Lab technology enables healthcare organisations to assemble data, analytical methods and expertise quickly - providing business intelligence & reporting, clinical calculations, public health intelligence and research tools.

Obesity e-Lab enables social and biomedical researchers to share data, information and analytical tools for obesity research, in particular surrounding surveys, by providing a portal to the platform and facilitate social networking.

Key people

Team members can be found at relevant project websites.

PDF slides

Download PDF slides of the presentation 'What is an e-Lab?'