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Bookings for our events will now be done through Eventbrite. All reminders and updates about your booking will be sent via Eventbrite so please ensure that you read these messages. It is recommended that you use the ‘Add to calendar’ function as a reminder of your booking. If you need to cancel or amend your booking do this via ‘My Tickets’ on the site.

Waiting list

If you are on the waiting list for a place and one becomes available you will receive an email from Eventbrite. You will be given 2 days to respond, if you have not responded within that time you will be taken off the list and the invitation will pass to the next person. Preference will be given to NorthWest DTC PhD students; this will be determined by email address, so please use your official address.


We have had an increasing problem with non-attendance. As a result anyone who does not attend and has not cancelled their place before the course starts will not be permitted to attend any further methods@manchester for that academic year.

Upcoming events

Modelling continuous data
3 February 2015
1pm - 3pm

What is..? GIS
4 February 2015
1pm - 2pm

Health Policy, Politics and Organisation group (HiPPO) workshop
5 February 2015
1pm - 3pm

Modelling count data
10 February 2015
1pm - 3pm

What is..? policy document analysis
11 February 2015
1pm - 2pm

Model Diagnostics and transformations
17 February 2015
1pm - 3pm

What is..? interviewing ‘elite’ groups
18 February 2015
1pm - 2pm

Modelling categorical data
24 February 2015
1pm - 3pm

What is..? observation in the workplace
25 February 2015
1pm - 2pm

Post-structuralism and discourse analysis: a process of plugging in
26 February 2015
1pm - 3pm

Modelling ordered categories
3 March 2015
1pm - 3pm

What is..? textual analysis
4 March 2015
1pm - 2pm

Human-scaled geovisualisation and society: An introduction to human cartographic techniques for the analysis of social and spatial inequalities
5 March 2015

Modelling unordered categories
10 March 2015
1pm - 3pm

What is..? situational analysis
11 March 2015
1pm - 2pm

What is..? funding policy-related qualitative organisational research
19 March 2015
1pm - 2pm

TQ2U: UK-Ireland - Manchester
23 - 24 March 2015

Qualitative Software Planning Seminar
25 March 2015
9am - 1pm

What is..? using innovative approaches to explore and understand professional identity
25 March 2015
1pm - 2pm

NVivo v10 Introductory hands-on two day workshop
26 - 27 March 2015

Missing data imputation
21 April 2015
1pm - 3pm

What is sentiment analysis for the social web?
24 April 2015
1pm - 5pm

Manchester Methods Summer School
6 - 10 July 2015