Terms and conditions

I understand that my participation in the hackathon means I will not be able to attend oral presentations during the afternoon. Attendance at the hackathon event is on a first come first served registration basis. Participation in this event involves working in teams.

Cancellation of the Conference by the University

The University of Manchester reserves the right to cancel the conference ten (10) days before if there are not sufficient delegates registered or any associated event at its sole discretion. In the event of such a cancellation the University will refund the value of the booking or any ticket sold upon proof of purchase. The University expressly excludes any liability for any direct or indirect losses or damages howsoever arising as a result of such cancellation and will not, for example, be responsible for any travel or accommodation costs incurred. In the event of cancellation, the University will use reasonable endeavours to publicise the cancellation and details will be posted on the website associated with the conference. Attendees are responsible for checking this information prior to the event. Wherever possible, the University will endeavour to contact delegates by email in the event of cancellation. 

Cancellation by you

We will refund the value of the booking or any ticket sold upon proof of purchase when cancellation takes place at least three weeks before the conference. When cancelled less than three weeks but no more than seven (7) working days before the Short Course we will refund a percentage not less than 50% of the charge. No refunds will be given for cancellation less than seven (7) working days before the Short Course date or for non-attendance without notification, unless a refund is made entirely at the discretion of the University.

Notice of cancellation must be sent by email to the email addresses grace.bishop@manchester.ac.uk and methods@manchester.ac.uk

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