methods@manchester: research methods in the social sciences

The Impact Agenda – an ESRC-funded seminar series

Seminar 5: New Frontiers of Impact

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Room 2.40, Manchester Business School West

Lead: Ian Miles, Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School

This seminar is part of the ESRC-funded methods@manchester seminar series on the Impact Agenda.

The series adopts an interdisciplinary perspective to examine and clarify the concept of ‘impact’ in the context of academic research in the humanities and social science. The aim is to identify the processes that influence impact and explore mechanisms that maximise it.

“New frontiers of impact” gives us considerable leeway for exploring how different types of knowledge creation and application may shape the impact agenda, including examination of how these knowledge processes and outcomes may be appropriated and further shaped and developed by users (and co-producers) of different sorts.


9.00 Coffee and registration

Welcome and introduction - Ian Miles (brief account of the seminar series to date, and issues arising)
Exchanging Experience of Exploitation - 2002 ESRC Report

9.45 Session I: Joyce Tait (INNOGEN and SSPS, University of Edinburgh) – Interdisciplinary Research and the Science-Society interface
10.45 Coffee
11.15 Session I continued: Sarah Parry (INNOGEN and SSPS, University of Edinburgh) Social Research and Environmental Policy
12.15 Session II: Howard Rush (CENTRIM, University of Brighton) - Social Research and Business, including direct relations and relations mediated through policymakers
13.15 Lunch

Session II: Tina Basi (LSE) - Impact: The Research Councils, and LSE Researchers

15.15 Tea

Session II continued: Ben Martin (SPRU, University of Sussex) REF: A Frankenstein's Monster?


Wider Discussions
Simon Smith and Vicky Ward (University of Leeds) - The Impact of Impact: REF, Research Council Policies and the Behaviour of Social Researchers

17.00 Close; followed by wine reception