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Innovative approaches to methodological challenges facing ageing cohort studies: an NCRM (National Centre for Research Methods) seminar series

Ageing cohort studies around the world face common methodological challenges of data collection, measurement and analysis, which become increasingly problematic as participants grow older. The aim of the network is to synthesise innovative solutions to these methodological challenges through a series of workshops with input from researchers from different disciplines involved in ageing cohort studies. This project is funded by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM).

Workshop 1: The Methodological Challenges of Cognitive Ageing
Friday 28 October 2011
Nunn Hall, Institute of Education, London,
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The purpose of this workshop is to bring together principal Investigators and their representatives from the major ageing studies in the UK to discuss common methodological challenges.

Workshop 2: Methodological challenges associated with frailty and resilience in ageing populations
28 November 2011
Room 1.69/70, Humanities Bridgeford Street Building, University of Manchester
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The workshop brings together researchers and experts from different disciplines on the topic of frailty and resilience in ageing populations. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss common methodological challenges in relation to frailty and resilience in ageing cohort studies

Workshop 3: Innovative Methods for Handling Attrition
3 February 2012
ISER, University of Essex
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Non-response and missing data problems are common to all longitudinal studies. However, ageing studies in particular face non-response biases that are problematic for analyses. Despite the complexity of such analyses, there are now a number of practical solutions that have been adopted from researchers this area. This workshop aims to bring together some of these approaches and explore their underlying assumptions.

Workshop 4: Innovative Data Collection Methods in Ageing Studies
16 April 2012
UCL Engineering Front Executive Suite, Roberts Building, Torrington Place, WC1 (UCL Campus; opposite Waterstone's Bookshop; entrance in Malet Place)
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This workshop will focus on innovative data collection in ageing cohort studies and will include presentations on mixed methods data collection, and the use of paradata, retrospective lifecourse data and administrative data.

One-day International Conference: Methodological challenges facing ageing cohort studies
25 July 2012
MANDEC, Manchester
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The main aim of the conference is to highlight innovative solutions to the methodological challenges highlighted by the workshops to an international audience of experts on ageing and to the major funders of ageing research. Early career researchers and PhD students will be subsidised. Other international ageing cohort studies will be asked to present their methodological challenges and solutions. Non academic participants including representatives from ageing charities and funders will also be invited. The conference will be followed by a one day workshop in which forty early career researchers (including PhD students) will be subsidised to attend a workshop on results from the network.